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General Procurement Services

Valchinok Global Limited (VGL) is a one-stop Procurement Service Providing organization whose sole aim is to take away the burden and rigour of material sourcing from organizations. We leverage on our vast knowledge of all the major market in Nigeria, and the right contacts to deliver the best quality of goods and services at the best price always. We are just here to supplement your internal procurement department.


CCTV Cameras and Installation

VGL also designs, assembles, installs, and maintain Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems for both domestic and commercial needs. We offers clients a total package of turnkey solutions to meet their security need.

VGL Energy And Power Technology

We stock a wide range of products ranging from inverters, inverter/chargers. PWM and MPPT solar charge controller, Poly-crystalline and Mono-crystalline solar panels, AGM and GEL batteries, and accessories. We partner with the leading industry stakeholders to provide highly efficient but affordable product to your doorstep.


CCTV Installation and Maintennace

Security is everyone’s business so government cannot do it alone. CCTV has proven to be the best hawk eyes in our office and environment, and our residential areas while we go about our normal businesses. The importance of security in Nigeria of nowadays cannot be over-emphasized therefore we strongly recommend you contact us for your cheap but reliable and effective CCTV. We do sales, installations, and after sales support.