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Overview of our Procurement Services

Valchinok Global Limited (VGL) is a one-stop Procurement Service Providing organization whose sole aim is to take away the burden and rigour of material sourcing from organizations. We leverage on our vast knowledge of all the major market in Nigeria, and the right contacts to deliver the best quality of goods and services at the best price always. We are just here to supplement your internal procurement department.

For most organizations, maintaining internal procurement expertise across all areas of indirect and direct spend is costly and unnecessary. Using our services eliminates the burden of establishing and maintaining a procurement infrastructure for categories that are not core to your business. For example, a manufacturing company will most likely have a strong internal competency for the type of direct materials that is necessary to produce their products. However, sourcing for items like office consumables, IT equipment, training materials, etc may be outside of their procurement team’s core function. This is where we come in to supplement the existing procurement operations by providing category-specific support to your organization.

VGL has served as a vendor to many organizations in different sectors of industry, such as Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Banking, Oil and Gas, Logistics, NGOs, and Private individuals to provide the following services

I.T Equipment

We are authorized partners with the major OEM of phone, laptop, toners, printers, powerbanks, and other IT accessories in Nigeria. So, you can be rest assured of the quality of items you are getting from us at all times. We also offer after sales support to ensure you get full value for your money.

Printing Jobs

If your organization is into the business of printing regularly, then we may be your best partner to enable you save cost. We offer quality print with the best material grammage at the best price. We have contemporary industrial printing machines to give you the best at all times.

Logistics Services

We have a team of professional with expertise in inbound and outbound logistics. We are familiar with the import procedures in Nigeria and customs processes. We have strong knowledge of import documentation such as Form M and PAAR applications, Asycuda assessment notice and duty payment, terminal and shipping processing, and proper customs clearing. We also have a good working relationship with most logistics company for prompt delivery of shipment after clearing.

Raw Materials

Most organizations find it difficult sourcing for raw materials they use in their production. We can help you take away this burden with the help of our partners in Nigeria and abroad. Whatever raw material it is, you can count on us.

Electronic Gadgets

Getting an original electronics gadget nowadays is very difficult because of prevalence of Chinese product in Nigeria. We are authorized dealer of all the major electronics gadgets and electrical equipment suppliers in Nigeria, so you can be rest assured of getting the original Television, Air conditioner, Refrigerators, Microwave, Fan, wire, bulb, etc. We also sell at a wholesale price and deliver promptly.

Diesel Supplies

This is one of the areas where organizations spend much money because of poor power supply from the national grid. Experiences have shown that there are lots of fraudulent activities that go on in this sector. Shortage of supply, inaccurate meter reading, low density, and high-water content due to adulteration. We do not compromise on standard in any way, and we will help you to calibrate your tank at no cost to ensure you are getting the right quantity.

Office Equipment Supplies

We are here to make it easy for you to setup your office. We supply office equipment such as furniture, window blind, electronic gadget, etc. We supply the best quality at a good price.

Corporate Gifts & Promotional Materials

It is always good to show appreciation to your loyal customers who patronize you year in year out. That is why we offer the best brand based promotional materials for your organization and they come at a very cheap price.

Building Materials Supplies

Are you a developer? Do you need a building material for your construction work? Search no further as we are here to help you. We supply Cement, sand, wood, paints, Iron rod, etc. Kindly call on us and we will make it look simple.