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VGL also designs, assembles, installs, and maintain Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems for both domestic and commercial needs. We offers clients a total package of turnkey solutions to meet their security need.

The camera surveillance systems act as the first line of defence in your fight against break-ins, theft or any other kind of property crime including vandalism. Also, these cameras also help you to fight off unwanted behaviour or activities on your property. Despite what you need them for, business home or both, you get a turnkey that includes everything you need to keep an eye on your property.

The CCTV kits help to surveillance both the inside and outside of your home. For this, you need to choose between the options to 1-32 cameras. These work with network-based connectivity to cover remote viewing of your home. The High-resolution HD image meets and even exceeds forensic standards that help to identify positively any subject that may pique your interest. The motion detection recording helps you save your power; it does so by recording only when it’s important, such as recording any activity. Adding up, the infrared imaging switches on low light or even night-time conditions. This helps you to instant monitor any subject of interest despite whatever time it is.

Your home and office should be the safest place as those are where you spend most of your time, and we help you make that happen with state-of-the-art video surveillance systems which you can access remotely from any location.

  • You want to monitor your kids from work and see what they are doing after school
  • You forgot where you kept something, and you wish to track your moves
  • You want to check on cleaners and contractors and see if they are doing their job properly when you are away
  • If a break in occurs in your home or office, with the surveillance system you can take immediate action
  • Business or office security and to verify false alarm
  • Production control in a factory, monitor staff causality and detect pilferage

When you hire our services, you get to enjoy something far more than the typical CCTV installation and features. Yes, we prove ourselves better with the following characteristics.

  • Wire Free Solutions

Yes, if you were wondering about Wire free CCTV solutions then you will be cheered by hearing the fact that we deal with them. Wire Free means you do not have to worry about Cords; this gives you the ultimate freedom of using your systems, however, wherever you want.

  • High Definition Result

Do not just monitor, pay attention to each detail. Yes, see everything in clear HD video that can capture every detail you need to know about.

  • Forget about Weather

You can place our cameras and systems anywhere without having a second thought. It does not matter if the place is wet, dry, hot or cold, our solutions are specially designed to withstand any weather Ordeal.

  • Night Vision

Now you can monitor in breaks without getting your hands on anything extra. Thanks to the LED capabilities and Infrared cut of filters, you can keep an eye on everything even when it is dark out there.

  • Motion Alerts

Now you could record when exactly the motion is detected, and you are provided with easy control of your camera systems.


We stock a wide range of products ranging from CCTV Cameras, DVR, Access control, Monitor, Multiplexers, Camera housing, inverters, PWM and MPPT solar charge controller, Poly-crystalline and Mono-crystalline solar panels, AGM and GEL batteries, and accessories. We partner with the leading industry stakeholders to provide highly efficient but affordable product to your doorstep.

Below are some of the basic components of CCTV and Solar Inverter

CCTV Cameras


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Pan/Tilt Scanner

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