About Us

Who We Are

13 Years of Experience in Solar Power Energy, Installation and Procurement

Valchinok Global Limited (VGL) is one of the most trusted, power backup and power distribution solution providers emerging in Nigeria. We distribute, and install leading brands of Inverter, Solar panels, battery, ICT equipment, etc. It was incorporated in 17th of March 2013 with incorporation number RC 1115478. We have been in business for years and pride ourselves as one of the reliable and dependable power providers in Nigeria. We leverage on our strong electrical engineering background to deliver the best quality of products at the best price always. Our services are further enhanced by our global alliance with the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and in-depth understanding of material specifications.

Our Vision

To be a leading and one-stop power solution provider in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every home enjoys uninterrupted power supply using our turnkey solutions for solar on-grid and off-grid systems.

Core Values

Prompt Material Delivery

We usually work with our client’s timeline to ensure that materials are delivered promptly when needed to ensure non-disruption of our client’s projects. VGL currently render services to organizations in different sectors of industry, such as Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Banking, Oil and Gas, Logistics, NGOs, Fintech, and Private individuals to provide sales and installations of power, and ICT equipment. Our product includes but not limited to the following:

Free Consultation If You Want Build New Project With Us

Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in our company.